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Wildtangentgames.com Website Review & Ratings + WildTangent Games Coupons

WildTangent Games is a leading online provider of PC games. It has hundreds of games available in various categories that you can download in your computer at an affordable cost. There are games from dozens of developers such as Hipsoft, Atari, Runic, Sandlot, IGG and Zylom. Below are the game categories that you can find at WildTangent Games.

You can also find a wide range of free online games. To play online games, you do not have to download anything, you just have to let the game load in your browser. Also, there are games you can play for free for your Android and Kindle Fire devices.

WildTangent Games: What makes it different?

Here are several key differentiators between WildTangent Games and its leading competitors.

  • At WildTangent, you have the option to RENT the game via WildCoins instead of purchasing it. You can purchase 50 WildCoins for $6.99 and 25 WildCoins for $3.99. Rent per game is usually 5 WildCoins per play which converts to less than $1. The RENT option is perfect for those who usually finish games at one sitting.
  • As you continue to RENT the same game, you can eventually OWN it once it reaches the corresponding amount of WildCoins.
  • The RENT system allows you to play games at a fraction of purchasing them and allows you to purchase the games that you want to keep.
  • A wide array of games available from more than a hundred developers suh as Fanta, Namco, Youda Games, Toy Studie, Kraisoft, Crowdstat, Encore, Pgo and Pi Eye Games.
  • Has a single digital currency system that you can use in purchase games and in-game items.
WildTangent Games vs. primary competitors (sites similar to WildTangent Games)


BigFishGames is among the leading providers of downloadable games. It has over 10 years of experience in providing satisfied customers with hundreds of exciting games in various categories. Here are the comparisons of WildTangent & BigFish.


Games are relatively cheaper using coupons compared to  WildTangent

  • Most games have smaller file size. For example, the same game in WildTangent is 111MB but in BigFish
  • There are some games at Bigfish that you cannot find at WildTangent.
  • Has games available for PC, iPad/iPhone and MAC
  • With Coupons, games are very affordable at $2.99 each.


  • You cannot rent to own games
  • If the game does not have a coupon, it is more expensive compared to WildTangent
  • No Games for Android phones 


Another major player in downloadable games, Gamehouse has hundreds of games available that are similar to WildTangent. Here are the differences between WildTangent and Gamehouse.


  • Has available games for PC, iPad/iPhone and MAC
  • Some games are available at Gamehouse that you cannot find at WildTangent.
  • Has a Super Savers game category where you can find games on sale and you can purchase bundled games at lower price tags.


  • The website supports English language only.
  • Games are more expensive for non-members
  • Some game file size are larger than at WildTangent
WildTangent Games: Pricing & packages

WildTangent VS Gamehouse

When it comes to pricing, there is a relative difference between WildTangent, Bigfish and Gamehouse. WildTangent and Gamehouse has a fixed price of $6.99 for their games but in Gamehouse you must be a member in order to purchase games at this rate (non-members pay $9.99 game). 

WildTangent VS BigFishGames

Initially, BigFishGames offers games at higher prices compared to WildTangent. However, BigFishGames runs regular promotions on their website where you can use coupons to purchase games for only $2.99. This is a huge price difference but you may have to purchase within the promo period to eny this rate.

                                                     WildTangent                 BigFishGames                            Gamehouse

Build A Lot: Fairy Tales                  $6.99 - $7.98                $9.99 (w/ coupon $2.99)              $9.99 (non-member) $6.99 Member
Nancy Drew: Ghose Dogs               $6.99 - $7.98                $9.99 (w/ coupon $2.99)              $9.99 (non-member) $6.99 Member
Legends of Atlantis: Exodus            $6.99 - $7.98                $9.99 (w/ coupon $2.99)              $9.99 (non-member) $6.99 Member
Secrets of the Dark                        $6.99 - $7.98                $9.99 (w/ coupon $2.99)              $9.99 (non-member) $6.99 Member
Hotel Mogul                                    $6.99 - $7.98                $9.99 (w/ coupon $2.99)              $9.99 (non-member) $6.99 Member

WildTangent Games: Product images & screenshots
WildTangent Games Coupons
Get 50% Off Any Game @ WildTangent Games
Get 50% Off First Month Membership @ WildTangent Games
Get 50% Off First month membership of Wildcoins @ WildTangent Games
WildTangent Games: Customer reviews & comments

There are several negative feedbacks about WildTangent that you can find online. Most of the feedbacks are about the lack of customer support and the lack of information that it charges a recurring fee each month. Not for lack of trying, its difficult to find any positive review on WildTangent. Below are review specimens:

“My wife signed up for a Wild Tangent subscription and we did not realize it was a monthly subscription… attempted to call or email for a refund and their is no customer support phone # or email address unless you still have an active subscription, which we canceled to avoid future billing fees.  I find it very poor business to not provide support to former customers…”

Dean K.
Chandler, AZ

“i went to cancel my account but to my surpise in order cancel, i would have pay the remaining monthly payments. which that would of been $20 just to cancel.”

Jay A.
Blue Springs, MO

Best Available WildTangent Games Coupon:
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There is such a wide selection of games, that no man could refrain from playiing. Still a multiple choice of compositions, that essay fast provides, cannot compel people write. 

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Get 50% Off Any Game @ WildTangent Games
Get 50% Off First Month Membership @ WildTangent Games
Get 50% Off First month membership of Wildcoins @ WildTangent Games